Commercial Roofing In Cambria County, PA


We Are Here For You When You Need a New Roof.

If you have been trying to discover a commercial roofing company that only does work on commercial roofs? Great Lakes Commercial Roofing is there for you if your commercial roof needs something done. Our company made the choice to only do commercial roofing so that we could give you the very best. We want to provide you a top quality company so we are always improving our skills. Something that we take a lot of pride in is developing trusted relationships with our customers. You are letting us work on your roofing system and trusting us to get the service done in a good amount of time and done right. When you need commercial roofing done correct in Cambria County, PA, call us at 412-256-8050 and we can assist you.

Your Trusted Commercial Roofing Team

If you want a commercial roofing job done right, phone us and we can get it done. Every one of our roofers are factory trained, certified, licensed, and experienced. We want to always provide you the most and peace of mind. We want to be sure that you have complete confidence in our roofers, at all times. Your roofing concerns can always be answered by us because we know roofing. Offering premium quality roofing is what we do best and with every roof we do, we only get better. We also provide roofing consultants to help you with your projects. Roofing can be overwhelming, but it’s what we do best so let us help. Call us at any time and we can be available for you.