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How Roof Coatings Can Make Your Office More Efficient

A Commercial Roofing System in Need of a Flat Roof Coating

If Moisture and UV Radiation Have Degraded Your Roof, a Flat Roof Coating Could Help.

The fast majority of office buildings in the United States employ a flat roofing system, and for good reason. This durable roof structure allows businesses to save space and simplifies the process of making repairs (to a point). However, flat roofing systems also come with inherent challenges that can cost your company thousands of dollars if not addressed in a timely manner. This oh-so-important program of continued maintenance and repair can be difficult to manage, which is where a flat roof coating comes into use…

What are Roof Coatings?

Simply put, roof coatings form a small protective layer over your existing rooftop. The installation process is about as complex as spreading a couple coats of paint on your roof. Once spread over your roof, these coatings also work to mend small tears and punctures in the roofing material. On average, commercial-grade GAF flat roof coatings (or whatever brand you select) will last for approximately ten years. 

Which Roof Coating is Best?

There are a wide variety of coating products available on the market, but most commercial consumers prefer an elastomeric roof coating. Sometimes called a cool roof coating, elastic coatings provide a number of cost-saving benefits for your commercial roofing system. There’s the restorative properties we mentioned that can repair minor degradation in your rooftop. More importantly, these roof coatings prevent additional damage from occurring, such as:

  • Impact damage from debris and hail
  • Moisture degradation from leaks
  • Natural corrosion from sunlight, water, and rusting
  • Weakened material strength from UV radiation
Equipment for Flat Roof Coating

The Right Coating Material Can Greatly Improve Your Roof’s Weather Defenses.

The rubberized nature of elastomeric coatings enable your roof to absorb much of the impact force of hail without taking any serious damage. If you’re looking for maximum impact absorption, an EPDM rubber roof coating might be ideal for your business. Just make sure to ask your local roofer if your current roofing system will require a special primer before having your flat roof coating installed.

When it comes to stronger waterproofing protection, silicone coatings act as a flat roof sealant for your building. If you’ve ever suffered a roof leak at home or at the office, you know how frustrating the resulting damage and expenses can be. Ponding (pooling) water is one of the biggest difficulties that flat roofs have to contend with. When you install a silicone coating however, you’ll notice a marked improvement in protection against leaks. Unlike many other coating materials, silicone doesn’t chalk after prolonged UV radiation exposure.

Which Roof Coatings Provide the Best Energy Efficiency?

Generally, the most reflective coatings will generate the best energy savings. This light reflection also protects your rooftop from ultraviolet radiation, which naturally degrades almost all forms of roofing. If you’re wondering which roof coatings do this best, you’ll have a few options to choose from:

  • Acrylics
  • Urethane-Modified Acrylic
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone

Acrylics provide excellent sunlight reflection and UV ray protection for a very affordable cost. While basic acrylic products don’t always perform well in circumstances with pooling water, they can be modified for stronger water-resistance. That’s where urethane-modified acrylics come in handy, as they feature stronger water and impact protection.

Polyurethane flat roof coatings are best known for their durability. They form a strong protective barrier against hail and other forms of impact trauma. Unlike other forms of coatings, polyurethanes endure foot traffic very well. White polyurethane products supply the best energy efficiency with increased sunlight reflection.

We’ve already talked about the benefits of silicone, so we’ll skip to a couple of frequently asked questions that relate to energy efficiency.

Does a White Roof Reflect Heat?

Yes! In the majority of cases, white roofing will reflect a higher percentage of sunlight. As a result, less heat penetrates the rooftop to impact the conditioned air in the building interior. By extension, rooms cool in shorter times, HVAC units can turn off sooner, and less energy is spent cooling the building. Of course, a fully functional cooling and heating system will also conserve energy and save you money. Don’t use a roof coating as an excuse to put off your American Standard gas furnace repair (or whatever hardware maintenance your building needs).

Can Elastomeric Roof Coatings Be Tinted?

Installing a Metal Flat Roof Coating

Even Metal Roofs Can Benefit From a Restorative Flat Roof Coating. Ask Us How!

Yes! In fact, many businesses like to have their roof coating tinted to another color besides white (for style purposes). This is great for rooftops whose color has faded from prolonged UV ray exposure. If you choose to have your flat roof coating tinted, it’s generally recommended to stick with a lighter color and retain your energy-saving benefits.

Schedule Your Flat Roof Coating Today!

If your company’s rooftop is in need of a restorative coating, talk with one of our courteous roofers at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing! We’d be happy to provide you with more information about selecting a coating product and how long installation may take for your roof. Give us a call today at 814-720-9814.

The Dangers of Ponding Water

Flat Roofing System With Damaged Material

Ponding Water Can Degrade Your Roofing Material and Lead to Early Replacement.

Ponding water is a problem that thousands of businesses face every year. It’s a treat that may lead to expensive roof repairs and even early roof replacement. As a business owner, defending your roof is an essential part of getting the most out of your investment. To help you, here is a quick guide on ponding water and how to prevent it!

What is Ponding Water?

Many, if not the majority of companies in the U.S. rely on a flat roofing system for protection. This style of roofing provides alluring space saving features and fast installation. However, flat roofing is particularly vulnerable to ponding water. As rain falls on flat roofing systems, those with poor drainage have a tendency to gather standing water. Unless this water is manually drained from the rooftop, it could stay there for days.

Just as putting off water line repair leads to major plumbing problems, ignoring water ponding on your roof can lead to dangerous consequences for your building. These consequences include:

  • Damaged Paint
  • Pests in the Stagnate Water
  • Corroded Roofing Material
  • Internal Leaks Beneath Your Roof

How to Fix Water Ponding on the Roof

So how do you prevent water from pooling on your rooftop in the future? First off, you need to ensure that your roof can drain properly. In easy circumstances, this may simple mean installing a drain pipe or two to allow rain to flow down from the roof. You might however, need a professional to adjust the gradient of your rooftop so that rain water doesn’t get stuck anymore.

Next, you might also consider installing a protective coating over your roof system. This is especially helpful for aging rooftops with a few cracks here and there, as the right coating will mend cracks and guard the roofing material from future corrosion. There are countless restorative coatings available on the market now; just make sure you choose one that’s waterproof!

Schedule Your Flat Roof Coating Today!

Our roofing professionals would love to help you protect your roofing investment! With one of our Great Lakes Commercial Roofing flat roof coatings, you will enjoy up to ten additional years of functionality from your roofing system. Call us today at 814-720-9814 and ask for an estimate on your restorative coating.

How Often Do You Need To Get a Roof Inspection?

How Often Do You Need To Get a Roof Inspection?

Find Out When You Need a Roof Inspection.

Our commercial roofing systems are one of the best important parts of our building. Not only do they protect us against outside elements, they also keep our buildings warm or cool depending on the season. Because of how important they are, it’s essential to keep them in the best condition. The best way to achieve this is with a professional roof inspection by a certified commercial roofer. We recommend that our clients get a roof inspection twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. However, if a big storm has passed through Pittsburgh, we suggest that an inspection is completed to make sure the roof doesn’t have any damages. Find out what our commercial roof inspections entail!

What a Commercial Roof Inspection Entails

  • Building Envelope Inspection: We always think its a good idea to evaluate the building’s envelope. This is to ensure that the building as a whole doesn’t have any defects, as this could be a sign that there are damages to the roof.
  • Roof Interior Inspection: This is to see if there are any structural issues with the roof and roof deck.
  • Rooftop Inspection: This is where we can see if there are any defects to your roof. An infrared roof leak inspection is one of the many techniques we use during an inspection.
  • Roof Exterior Inspection: We will inspect areas like your roof flashing and joints to determine if they are in good shape.

If commercial roof inspections in Pittsburgh, PA are something that you need! Call Great Lakes Commercial Roofing at 814-720-9814! We can also provide roof repair and roof installation using Conklin roofing products.

Roof Restoration vs Replacement

roof restoration

Choose a Roof Restoration On Your Roof.

In many cases, people believe that when something pretty serious is going on with their roof, that they should just replace the entire thing and deal with the cost. The idea that repairs will keep needing to be done if anything else is done like a restoration is actually a myth or just a fear. When you choose a company that does a restoration right the first time, a roof restoration is a much better option than having a roof replacement. Companies may try to convince you that you need a replacement, to take your money, but you should always ask around and make sure a roofing company has your best interest at heart. A restoration is not only cheaper for you, but it also will be quicker to finish and take less material. A replacement can be very expensive because in many cases the old roof has to be taken off and then a new one will need to be put on after.

Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

A roof restoration is absolutely worth it. With good workmanship from a solid company, a restored roof can last you around 15 years. If you need a roof to last longer than that and you can spend the money to get a new one, we urge you to take that into consideration, but if you don’t 15 years is a long time. This will also buy you many years to save for a brand new roof when that time comes down the road.

A Green, Energy Efficient Solution

A great way to save money and the environment is to get a roof restoration done. This will use less material and create less waste that ends up in landfills. Overall the material you use for the restoration may or may not be energy efficient depending on what you choose, but the lower usage of material is definitely better for the environment than a replacement.

Call Us Today

Overall the choice is up to you when you need a roof restoration or replacement, but if you have the option, a restoration is a great choice that will keep your roof looking and working great for potentially up to 15 years longer and for much less of the price tag. If you have questions about getting a roof restoration in Pittsburgh, PA, call us at 814-720-9814.

Choosing a Roofing Material

When deciding on your commercial roof, there are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration. Your commercial roof is something that is a major investment, so you likely have questions about many things. It is good to have questions, you never want to go into anything without questions and without having done research. Below, we will give you a few ideas of what you should be looking for and what you should think about before buying a new roof or even just choosing a restoration product or coating.

What To Do First

Budget – With a roof that is so big, you will want to go into it knowing what your budget is. Not only will this be smart for your wallet, but it will also narrow down, what you can and cannot get as far as roofing systems go. You will want to factor in the price of the material, labor, and then any coating that you may or may not get.

Types – This going to be the hardest part. There are so many different materials out there that you have to pay attention to each one and see what will work best for you. Look at the area you live in and the storms that happen there. You will also want to consider how long you want this roof to last.

If you need a commercial roofing team that cares about you and has a great reputation, call Great Lakes Commercial Roofing at 814-720-9814 and we will do whatever we can to make this process easier on you.