Commercial Roof Coatings and Restorations in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you concerned that your older commercial roofing system might be at risk of leaking, holes, or similar damages? If you need a cost-effective answer, think about commercial roof coating solutions. Commercial roof coatings are specialized coatings that provide basic repairs and increased protection for commercial roofing systems. You are not constrained to a single type of roof coating, but some roof coatings will function more efficiently on certain roofing materials. To find out which option will work well for you, contact our roofers at 412-256-8050 and inquire about our commercial roof coatings in Pittsburgh, PA!

Choosing a Commercial Roof Coating

A Commercial Roof Coating

The type of roof coating you need will be dependent first and foremost on what your existing roofing system is made out of. Roof coating materials vary significantly when comparing rubber roofs to metal roof systems, for instance. With the proper roof coating, it will apply directly to your existing roof material without any issues with application or performance. Furthermore, a correctly applied roof coating can protect your roofing for up to ten years, and past those ten years, another roof coating can be adhered on top of it. When you need a solution that’s not only cost-effective but, also reliable in terms of protection, call us about our commercial roof coatings.

  • Flat Roofs  If you need a way to protect your flat roof while also handling minor repairs, a flat roofing coating might be the solution you are searching for!
  • Industrial Roofs Industrial roof coatings are meant to offer reliable protection through all types of industrial challenges and are resistant to punctures, tears, and leaks as well.
  • Metal Roofs  Our experts can breathe new life into an old metal roof by using a specialized metal roof coating.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings  Don’t replace your rubber roofing when it ages, protects and revitalize it with a dependable rubber roof coating from our professionals!

Get Started Now!

The roofers at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing are not only experienced in everything to do with roofing, but also dedicated to quality and customer service! Whether you are searching for repairs, replacements, or any other roofing service, our team can help you out. Dial 412-256-8050 now to speak with one of our roofing professionals about your options for commercial roof coatings in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. We provide a wide variety of roof coating materials, including elastomeric coatings and more! Our crew will work with you each step of the way to help you determine your best commercial roof coating solution.