Affordable Industrial Roofing Services

Do you own a manufacturing plantĀ or similar type of industrial structure? When it comes to roofing this type of structure, traditional commercial roof options may not be up to the job. If you want top of the line industrial roofing services in Pittsburgh, PA, you can rely on the roofing experts at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing! Let our team of experts help make sure that your roofing desires are met. Call us anytime at 412-256-8050 and let’s get talking.

Industrial Roofing Benefits

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We Can Handle Any Job, Big or Small.

Standard roofing materials are not designed for the byproducts that often pass over the tops of manufacturing plants, such as grease, smoke, and high-temperature steam. Consistent updrafts and greasy smoke can even attract additional contaminants to the roof, which leads to even more rapid wear and tear. Furthermore, as a roofing surface with so many vents and exhaust openings, it’s critical that the roof material can properly prevent against leaks with that many seams. Due to the temperature fluctuations that are common for industrial roofs, it’s important that the roofing material can flex and adjust with these changes. Skipping issues like these requires a trained eye, and our roof professionals are happy to evaluate your current roof, and then discuss with you the various methods we can utilize to improve it!

Where To Start

There are many things to look for in a dependable roofer, and occasionally it can be difficult to know where to start. Any contractor can offer industrial roofing materials, but we make efforts to offer industrial roofing that fits around your business in a streamlined process. As business owners ourselves, we recognize how valuable your time is, and our team knows how to work around your company schedule without interfering with your daily workflow. We handle roofing services promptly and correctly each time to make sure our clients are fully satisfied with our roofing services.

Contact our office now at 412-256-8050 to learn more about how we can help you with industrial roofing services in Pittsburgh, PA as well as other roofing services. No matter what your roof requirements are, from commercial roofing replacement to commercial roof restoration, you can count on our crew of roofing experts. Improve your industrial roof today, and bolster your business investment!