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 Rubber Roof Coating

A Rubber Roof Coating Will Keep Your Roof Protected, for less.

Do you own a rubber or EPDM roof on your commercial property? As with any roof system, rubber roofing works optimally when it is in good condition, and safe from damages. An entire rubber roofing installation or replacement can be very expensive, but with a rubber roofing restoration, you can save money as well as extend the longevity of your roofing. Our rubber roofing restoration process is done with top quality rubber roof coatings in a range of kinds. Contact 412-256-8050 today to speak with a roofer about rubber roof coating in Pittsburgh, PA. We can go over all the benefits of rubber roofing with you and how the entire process works. We like to give you all of the details beforehand so that you feel confident in the choice you are making and that you trust us to get the job done right for you. We are here to help you, that is our number one priority, so when you need a new roof, give us a call.

Benefits of Rubber Roof Coatings

Roof coatings, in general, are recognized as budget-friendly, efficient, and simple to apply, and rubber roof coatings are no exception. Not just any roof coating will do, though, and the kind of roof coating you require relies on the type of rubber roofing you own. Roof systems such as vulcanized rubber are chemically finished, for example, and require a special rubber roof coating that can bond with the surface. Roof coatings can last for 10 years, effectively adding to the longevity of your roof, but the correct application is key!

Choosing The Right Roof Coating

If you’re interested in improving the condition of your rubber roof, it might be a good idea to consider rubber roof coatings. Roof restoration is a great method to get the protection you need out of your existing roof, instead of having to purchase an entirely new roofing system. The price is much lower than that of a replacement, and the installation procedure is typically very quick. If you would like to discover more about rubber roof coating in Pittsburgh, PA, contact us now at 412-256-8050! We’re dedicated roofing professionals, and we’re happy to assist you with your next roofing restoration project.