Urethane Modified Acrylic Installation

Are you looking for the newest in roofing coating technology? A new roofing coating from Conklin referred to as the PUMA XL may be precisely what you’re searching for. When you want a fast application, this specialized urethane modified acrylic can dry between two and six hours, which is significantly quicker than other roof coatings. To inquire about cost or availability for your urethane modified acrylic in Pittsburgh, PA, contact our crew of professionals now at 412-256-8050! To discover more about the various ways that your building can benefit from this new roof solution, continue reading below!

Quality Roofing


Protect Your Roof And Keep It Lasting.

Like other acrylic and urethane coatings, this improved coating is also quite capable of delivering protection from leaks as well as other damages. Unlike alternative roofing coatings, though, this coating is significantly more resilient, and much stronger. This product is also very adaptable, so if you need it to be applied on varying roofing materials, accommodations are available. There are many varying types of acrylics, all of which provide exceptional flexibility, including the improved urethane modified acrylic. In regards to protection, a flexible roof coating can offer better coverage in extreme temperatures. These roofing systems are exceptionally reliable, and Conklin backs up that claim with an 18 year warranty. It even supplies you with increased energy efficiency over the year, and needs extremely little maintenance. This PUMAL XL coating reflects 85% of sunlight away from the roofing’s surface, making it one of the more energy efficient roofing coatings on the market.


Why wait for your current roof system to disappoint you, when you can order a dependable new roofing coating by contacting us at 412-256-8050! Not every contractor in the city is providing this new coating, but we are one of the few that can apply it. Our team is ready to supply you with the urethane modified acrylic in Pittsburgh, PA that you’re hunting for. One of the greatest characteristics about this roof system is that you can add it to nearly any roof material, which includes metal roofs! Call us now to request your longer-lasting, water resistant roofing coating!