Commercial Corrugated Roof Installation

Up until recently, corrugated metal was generally only used for barns and sheds, but thanks to modern improvements, corrugated metal panels can serve a wide variety of roofing types. If you are searching for a durable roofing solution, ask us about our budget-friendly commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA. The singular metal roofing style that is nearly as requested as corrugated metal is standing seam, which is likewise used for a selection of commercial buildings. To get an estimate, or to begin, call the office at 412-256-8050!

Types Of Corrugated Metal Roofs


Give Your Roof a Top Quality Roof That Will Last.

When it comes to corrugated roofing, you see many options to choose from, but the most frequently chosen are R and U panels. While you can depend on either one to be extremely durable, they provide very different aesthetic characteristics. In addition to how strong they can be, R panels are also quite low maintenance, which plays a part in their long lifetimes. In good conditions, an R panel roof will last for 50 years or more, and since it can be installed directly on top of most other roofing materials, you’ll save tear-off costs too. Usually, in metal roofing, the panels will be 29 gauge, but for U panels, the gauge is 26. If you’re searching for a rather stylish solution for your business, these are the way to go, and they can also provide you with added energy efficiency. As with the R panels, you can apply this system directly over an existing system, so installation is very easy. It is not likely that either will require corrugated metal roof repair in the time following installation, but if a need arises, repairs for these panels are generally speedy as well as budget-friendly.

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You have a lot to gain if you choose to invest in a metal roof system: energy efficiency, resiliency, and so much more. But always keep in mind that metal is in its own lane in regards to the aesthetic value. The metal corrugated roofing specialists at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing are here to answer any questions that you may have in regards metal roof systems. To receive a quote for your commercial corrugated metal roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA, don’t hesitate to give us a call ASAP at 412-256-8050!