Precise Infrared Roof Inspection Services

If you have a commercial building, knowing the state of your flat roof is extremely important. In past years, the main method to inspect and take care of a flat roof system was to have an experienced roofer walk around on the roof looking for signs of damage. Walking on a roof system can cause damages, but thanks to modern advancements in technology, we can now inspect and evaluate your roof with much less walking. If you really want to find out what is happening on your flat roof, give us a call now to schedule an infrared roof inspection in Pittsburgh, PA. To set up an evaluation, contact our experts today at 412-256-8050!

Infrared Roof Leak Detection

Infrared roof inspection

Infrared Technology Can Help Detect Leaks And More.

Are you wondering what this infrared roof inspection is? When your roof system is leaking, we utilize this technology to quickly locate the precise source of the leak, and additionally to determine how much damage the leak has created. Infrared roof leak scans help us do this work swiftly, which additionally means that the service is much more affordable than a manual roofing survey would be. Infrared technology enables us to map the moisture on your roof without utilizing invasive techniques. This means that we will be able to repair your roof before there is significant damage to the roof or the building below. An infrared roof inspection will additionally let us know which areas of the roof have been weakened, and which parts haven’t.

Affordable Infrared Roof Moisture Scans

If you are considering new structures to purchase, our services are additionally a smart option to consider before the purchase, since will require after purchase. We provide infrared roof leak survey solutions to ensure you’re fully aware of any damages on the roofing, in addition to any areas that will be vulnerable to damage in the near future. To ask us about infrared roof leak detection, or our alternative commercial roof services, contact our crew at 412-256-8050! If you require cost-effective infrared roof inspection in Pittsburgh, PA, you can depend on our team of qualified professionals.