Foam Roof Repair & Installation

Have you been researching better options for your commercial roofing? If so, you might be interested to know more about simple-to-install, totally seamless, polyurethane foam roof solutions. To create foam roofing, polyol is mixed with isocyanate, which forms a liquid that is sprayed across your roof and sealed with a resilient topcoat. For commercial buildings in particular, this is a highly effective roof solution that provides UV protection and improved resistance to leaks. These roofs are a solid choice that can last 5o years and also are strong and capable of holding large amounts of weight. The good thing about this is that it is sturdy and if you need to walk across the roof, you can. If you require a professional foam roofing installation in Pittsburgh, PA, contact 412-256-8050 to set up your first appointment and quote with Great Lakes Commercial Roofing!

Perks Of Foam Roofing

While it is out of the ordinary to see heat-welded seams in modern roofing, it is still normal practice for commercial roofs to have layers of material connected by strongly-bonded seams. Due to its seamless application, you can skip the usual problem of seam weakening in time. Foam roofing is additionally easy to install around rooftop additions such as A/C units or vents, as it is very flexible, and can adhere to nearly every surface. You can count on a lifespan of two decades or more with this lightweight foam roofing installation, and it requires a mere fraction of the maintenance needed for other commercial roofing systems.

Foam Roof Installation Services

A Foam Roof

Foam roofs provide an affordable and easy-to-apply roof system for many commercial structures, which is why we install them here at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing. This roof solutions additionally provides improved energy efficiency for the building, which you will benefit from for the lifetime of the roof. A foam roof is typically white and very glossy, it can quickly reflect the sun’s rays, making your building much cooler in the summertime, which helps keep your energy bills manageable. For customers that wish to save up to 30% on their energy costs, foam roofs are a great place to begin. Call on our roof professionals now at 412-256-8050, for a swift and cost-effective foam roofing installation in Pittsburgh, PA.