Green Roof Installation Service

Have you been experiencing increasingly high energy bills for your commercial building, possibly caused by your aging roof system? Our company’s green roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA is a fantastic way to reduce energy costsĀ and even lessen your business’ environmental impact. Our crew is extremely experienced in the roofing industry, and we can assist you with a variety of top-quality roofing services. Call 412-256-8050 if you would like to discover more about how our contractors can improve your building’s energy efficiency!

What is A Green Roof?

Green Roof Installation

Save Money And Give Yourself a Green Roof.

If you’re not entirely sure what green roofing is, you’re not alone; the phrase often references more than one type of roof. Often times, roof coatings are referred to as green roof systems, primarily because they reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and positively reduce the building’s energy usage. Due to the easy application method of roof coatings, the original roof materials do not need to be taken off, which means less waste is placed in local landfills. Roof coatings provide reliable reduction of energy waste by effectively reflecting UV rays from your roof’s surface. As a roof option with many benefits to the environment, roof coatings are recognized as a green roofing option.

Occasionally, you will even hear the phrase green roofing utilized in reference to roof systems that are actually green, thanks to plant life. More typically used in European cities, these roofing systems deliver a dual purpose of both cooling the building, as well as the air surrounding the building. Roofs with live vegetation have been shown to drastically reduce the temperature of their area. Also, these roofing systems offer a habitat for native plant life to grow which helps the local ecosystem. In this scenario, a green roof installation reduces greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy efficiency, as well as reduction of the urban heat effect recognized in major cities. In several cases, green roofing systems have been utilized to create habitats for endangered birds, or even as vegetable gardens for the building’s residents.

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Contact our office now at 412-256-8050 to discover more about green roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in green roofing initiatives, our team of experienced roofing contractors is happy to help you. Quality roof systems are built with quality supplies, and at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing we only work with the best.