Vulcanized Rubber Roofing Professionals

Are you searching for the most resilient single ply roof option you can get? In that situation, our thermoset, or vulcanized, membranes may interest you. Thermoplastic membranes are commonly PVC and TPO, and are generally heat-welded at the seams to ensure a leak-free application. EPDM vulcanized roofs alternatively are bonded as well as sealed before they are applied, which is very efficient against leaks. At Great Lakes Commercial Roofing, we’re glad to supply our customers with professional installation of vulcanized rubber roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, along with a selection of other thermoset roof membranes! Give us a call at 412-256-8050 and we can make sure that you have all of your questions answered by our expert roofing contractors. Trust us with your commercial roof.

What Makes Vulcanized Rubber Roofing Special?

Vulcanized Rubber Roofing

Cover Your Roof In a Quality Product.

Between thermoset and thermoplastic single ply membranes, thermoset is the correct classification for vulcanized rubber roofing. The surface is particularly chemically resistant thanks to the cross-linked polymers that make up the membrane. What this means, is that only specific chemicals will be capable of bonding to the surface. That’s why all restorations of EPDM vulcanized rubber roofing require a specific kind of rubber roof coating for optimal results. At Great Lakes Commercial Roofing, we can supply you with professional vulcanized rubber roof restoration, as well as restoration of other types of thermoset membranes. Other types of thermoset membranes include CSPE (chlorosulfonated polyethylene), ECH (epichlorohydrin), PIB (polyisobutylene) and CR (neoprene).


Why Choose Vulcanized Rubber Roofing?

When you want a roof that can hold up to all types of weather conditions, and will endure for decades, you can’t go wrong with an EPDM vulcanized rubber roof system. Vulcanized roof systems are designed to provide great resistance to water leaking, water pooling, UV damages, and other things as well. Due to these benefits, EPDM continues to be picked by commercial building owners as a preferred roofing solution. If you are interested in learning more about thermoset roofing membranes, or if you would like to request an estimate for vulcanized rubber roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, give us a ring now at 412-256-8050! Our team can help you with any and all of your single ply membrane requirements.