What are cool roofs made of?

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What are the benefits of a cool roof?

With each and every passing day, it seems that having a cool roof is the cool thing to do. Cool roofing systems are the thing to do when building a new commercial structure and when having your commercial building re-roofed. While everyone should take responsibility in practicing sustainability, the burden lies on companies, starting with their building and their manufacturing or packing next, and a cool roof is the first step beginning with the structure. 

Cool roofing materials effectively reflect the sun’s energy and UV rays from the roof surface. The majority color of a cool roof is bright white, but there are other colors coming out on the market today. A cool roof has a high emissivity that allows them to radiate infrared energy. 

A cool roof can reduce the temperature of a roof to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which reduces the heat that is transferred inside the building through the roof. During summer months, this can assist in lowering the energy bills by keeping the attics and ducts cool. This makes for a more comfortable work environment, reduces maintenance expenses, and increase the lifespan of the roof. The biggest benefit of a cool roof is how it helps to minimize urban heat islands. 

Do Cool Roofs work?

A cool roofing systems delivers higher solar reflectance in comparison to standard roofing. A cool roof reduces the air temp, lowers the demand for power during peak hours, which can help ease possible power outages. Plant emissions power is reduced, and a higher thermal emittance. With the reduction in needed power, the emissions, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and mercury are reduced too.

How much does roof color affect internal temperature?

Light colors will reflect the UV rays of the sun, deflecting the heat which keeps the interior cooler. Dark colors absorb the heat of the UV rays, keeping the higher the temperature on the upper part of the structure. This is where ceiling fans come in handy. A cool roof is designed to diminish heat absorbed in the roof and can lower the temperature of the interior by 50 degrees.

What color roof is the coolest?

Dark colored roofs can make a 95 degree day feel like 150 degrees on the roof, and that heat penetrates to the interior. A dark roof only reflects around 20 degrees of the UV rays. This is why a cool roof is traditionally white, which reflects over 50 percent of the heat generated by UV rays. An additional benefit of the lighter cool roof is the energy savings by taking less work off the HVAC system. 

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Additional Information on a Cool Roof

As a business owner and a commercial building owner, you need to save money everywhere you can, and the wrong roofing type can cost you money. With the wrong type of roofing, the HVAC system works harder and keeps your employees at the boiling point too. A quote by a cool roofing company could explain your cool roofing options available that can help ease the heat and cool your building.

One option for a commercial building owner is to paint the existing roof white. This is an inexpensive way to create a cool roof when the budget isn’t ready for a longer term cool roof situation. The white pain will reflect the sun’s UV rays and the heat that generates. Can you use another color, as long as it is a “light” color? You can, but it won’t reflect the same amount of UV rays and heat. 

So, why go to the expenses and time to have a cool roof? Here, we list 7 cool roofing uses that can help you justify this project:     

  • Moisture Control: Cool roof surface are susceptible to algae and mold growth in moist, warm climates. With proper roof coating applied by an experienced professional, this issue is eliminated. 
  • Easy Installation: Another reason why you need to hire an experienced professional roofing contractor to install and apply your cool roof. They can be able to apply a cool roof to almost any existing roof. 
  • Cost-Efficient: Installing a new roof is expensive and it likely won’t help with energy costs, unless you have a cool roof installed. For a few more dollars, installing a cool roof, you’ll get your investment money back in energy savings. 
  • Energy-Efficient: As a business owner, your company is under fire for emissions control and going green where possible. An energy-efficient cool roof will lower the emissions from your business while reducing the carbon footprint too. 
  • Extended Life Span: By installing a cool roof, it will deflect heat and prolong the roof’s life because it minimizes heat damage. 
  • Urban Heat Reduction: A cool roof reduces the excess urban island heat, a big concern in metropolitan areas. 
  • Improve Comfort and Health: With a cool roof, your building will be cooler, and this will make for happier and healthier employees, and comfortable customers that aren’t in a hurry to leave.

Cool roofing can provide your business with energy efficiency during those hot months. Call 412-256-8050 today for cool roofing information and installation in Pittsburgh, PA.