What is Involved in Roof Restoration?

roof restoration

What is a Roof Restoration?

Commercial business owners often understand that roof restoration is the eventual services a company will need to keep their roof in good condition. Because general weather patterns naturally break down roofs over time, you will want to know what goes into a roof restoration so that you can remain informed when the need roles around for your business at some point in the future. When you need it, you should expect such roofing services in a restoration like:

  • Minor maintenance and repairs on your roof 
  • Cleaning of the overall surface area
  • Repainting 
  • Application of coating meant to enhance the roof 

Roof restoration should not be confused with replacement or repair. Replacement is as it sounds, a full replacement of the roof because it is either too old or has sustained extensive damages. Repairs meanwhile focus on a specific problem on your roof and solve issues on the roof that would become atrocious later on. Restoration, however, does solve minor damages but is more meant to revitalize the roof by implementing the above services. In that way, a roof restoration is designed to lengthen the lifespan of the roof. Great Lakes Commercial Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA can get you a complete commercial roof restoration offered to be done by the expert roofers that make up our professional team. Call 412-256-8050 today to schedule your appointment and restore your commercial roof.

What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material?

In a general sense, the best roofing material is dependent on the kind of business it is implemented on. For roofs that have an incline, metal roofs tend to be the roof of choice that lasts the longest and takes the most from the environment. Accordingly, the superior flat roofs tend to be made from OVC, TPO, and modified bitumen. Other suggestions for both include: 

  • BUR or built-up roofing 
  • EPDM
  • PVC

Each roof respectively has its own advantages to offer the business owner while generally being more accepting of improvements over their residential counterparts. Roof restoration in this regard can be used to keep the roof of any mentioned kind going longer thanks to the materials that it is built out of. Commercial roofs are generally built up of materials that can be easily repaired and maintained in the long run. When restored, the special coating applied at the end of the service reflects sunlight and offers another layer of resistance to other weather patterns. It also applies to the parts of the roof like flashing, nails, and can serve as an easy way to patch minor leaks.

How long should a Commercial Roof Last?

When considering a roof, lifespan tends to be one of the deciding factors in the decision-making process. There is also the factor of how long things like nails, sealants, and other facets of the roof last while keeping your business safe from the elements. As it pertains to the roofs listed above, one can reasonably expect such a timespan as:

  • Metal Roof: 30 to 50 years
  • OVC: 35 years
  • TPO: 22 to 30 years
  • Modified Bitumen: 20 years
  • BUR: 15 to 20 years
  • EPDM: 20 to 30 Years
  • PVC: 20+ years

When it comes to built-up roofing, a roof tends to last up to when its granules stop being effective at which point it begins to break down and needs a restoration of its top layer. However, when it comes to metal or other slanted roofs, the nails and sealants are of particular importance. Sealant lasts a commercial business owner about ten years before needing reapplication of the coating. Both the level of the thickness the coating is applied and the weather of the area tends to play a factor in how long that pertains to. How you can catch a roof degrading in its parts, layers, or anything else is to get an inspection by an experienced roofer. We at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing can help with that.

roof restoration

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Roof coatings are often accredited in being crucial in preventing much of the damages that can occur to commercial roofs. While they are initially built to be sturdy and resistant, the coating often applied in restoration is responsible for stopping minor leaks and other complications that occur. Particularly when it comes to the flashing and nails, a fresh coating will effectively reseal these spots and keep the roof in fantastic condition. This however is not necessarily the cure-all to roof leaks. When properly done, a roof restoration will be effective to covering minor spots that may cause leaks. Whereas a roof restoration will not necessarily cover significant damages and spots to where your roof will leak. The professional roofer in charge of the roof restoration would offer where the damages are and offer services that would go about fixing each spot. When everything is done properly, a roof restoration adds a solid fifteen years to your roof and maintains it especially well with other services like inspections. Call us at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing in Pittsburgh, PA by dialing 412-256-8050 today to schedule your appointment.